OTOTO’s resident sake translator Courtney Kaplan shares comparisons to help you decide which sake is for you. 

If you like West Coast IPAs try the Chiyonosono ‘Kumamoto Shinriki’ Junmai Ginjo:

  • Brewed with a prized heirloom rice strain called Shinriki, which produces a big powerful style
  • Slightly tropical, brightly acidic, with a hint of bitterness

If you like floral white wines try the Kaiun Junmai Ginjo:

  • Brewed in Shizuoka along Japan’s southern coast
  • Aromatics are a dead ringer for ripe tropical fruits, almost like a New Zealand sauvignon blanc
  • Soft and round in texture with lots of juiciness

If you like gin martinis try the Eiko Fuji ‘Honkara’ Honjozo Karakuchi:

  • A dry, crisp, snow- fresh style from a prefecture famous for its mountain hot springs
  • Smells like juniper and botanicals
  • Drink extra-chilled for an even more martini-like experience

If you like savory red wines try the Shichida ‘75’ Junmai:

  • Rice grains used to make this sake are less polished-down than most varieties, lending a rustic, full-bodied quality
  • Chewy texture with woodsy, earthy flavors
  • Excellent with grilled snacks

Now that you know some Sake 101, check out our extensive sake menu and join us at the bar soon.