OTOTO, Tsubaki‘s little brother, is a sake bar from Chef Charles Namba & Courtney Kaplan. Located next door, OTOTO brings an ever-changing selection of traditional and innovative sakes—with a focus above all on featuring small, craft breweries, aka jizake. Japanese beers, a wide selection of shochu, and drinking snacks are in the mix too.

OTOTO does not take reservations; we have a waitlist that is first come, first served. Join us soon!



November 16, 2017 in OTOTO

Sake | Comparisons from Courtney Kaplan

OTOTO’s resident sake translator Courtney Kaplan shares comparisons to help you decide which sake is for you.  If you like West Coast IPAs try the Chiyonosono ‘Kumamoto Shinriki’ Junmai Ginjo:…
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February 5, 2017 in OTOTO

Bar Music | Listen to the Sounds of OTOTO

Bar music on deck! We dug deep back into the crates and dusted off a few CDR mixtapes to hand-select the music to play at OTOTO, visit us soon or…
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February 5, 2017 in OTOTO

Events | Book Your Party

OTOTO's private dining den is available to book for events and large groups of up to 10 guests. If you are interested in booking OTOTO please download this form and…
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